1. Q: How safe is San Miguel de Allende?

A: Please review the links below:

Robert Reid is Lonely Planet's US Travel Editor and has been going to Mexico since he was three.

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2. Q: What to do in San Miguel and the surrounding area?

- Current day tours

- Shopping Tours

- Art Walks

- Cooking classes

- Hot Springs

- Art Classes

- Literary and Writing Programs and Workshops

- Art Openings

- Golfing

- Gyms

- Masages of all kinds

- Yoga Classes and Tai Chi

- Reflexiology

- Tennis

- Mountain Biking

- Horseback Riding

- Hot Air Balloon Rides

- Salsa and Tango Classes

- check current calendar of cultural events

Oh, and don’t forget to ask us about places to eat and have fun!

3. Q: What's the best way to get to San Miguel?

A: There are two international airports within an hour of San Miguel de Allende: Leon/Guanajuato (BJX) and Queretaro (QRO). We can send a private car and driver for you. Current cost for a sedan from BJX is US $75 and an van is US $120 --- from QRO current cost for a sedan is US $70 and a van is US $110 --- and you pay the driver directly.

4. Q: What about renting a car?

A: San Miguel is a walking town and Casa Las Monjas is just a few blocks to the town square (Jardin). And if you don't feel like walking, cabs are plentiful and inexpensive (30-35 pesos). Parking spaces are limited and secured parking lots run around 100 pesos/night.

5. Q: What's the weather like?

A: In general, San Miguel has "spring-like" temperatures year-round Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Below is a chart which gives average temperatures (Fahrenheit) and precipitation (inches):





JANUARY 71 46 0.5
FEBRUARY 74 48 0.1
MARCH 78 50 0.2
APRIL 81 54 0.8
MAY 83 57 1.3
JUNE 80 58 5.0
JULY 78 58 4.7
AUGUST 78 58 4.6
SEPTEMBER 76 57 4.7
OCTOBER 76 54 1.7
NOVEMBER 74 49 0.6
DECEMBER 71 47 0.4


6. Q: What's the rainy season like?

A: During the rainy season (usually June through September), the clouds build up over the mountains in late afternoon and it may rain for a while (usually no more than an hour) and then it clears up and is clean and fresh again. It's not very humid and the rain can be very exciting sometimes with thunder and lightning.

7. Q: What kind of clothes should I bring?

A: San Miguel is a casual place. Bring a hat and sunscreen as the rays can be very strong at this altitude (6,400 feet). It's best to bring clothes that you can layer and remove as it warms up during the day. And most importantly, bring flat, comfortable walking shoes with thick soles. If you want to go to the hot springs, bring a bathing suit. Some guests bring their old clothes which they wear here and then donate to charity when they leave thus making room in their suitcases for the treasures they buy!